Welcome to CommCare




Our Mission


CommCare is a not-for-profit behavioral health management organization that works in collaboration with Community Behavioral Health Centers and other providers to continually improve access to affordable, high quality, and effective behavioral health services.


Our Vision


Our vision is a community where people are efficiently and effectively connected with high quality behavioral health services, supporting the wellness and productivity of all.




The Community Network for Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. (CommCare) is a regionally based, provider-sponsored behavioral healthcare firm that offers a variety of managed care products and employee assistance program (EAP) services. Our target market includes private employers, health maintenance organizations, insurance companies, and various governmental agencies.


Our Philosophy


CommCare is committed to:

Providing consumer-oriented services in a collaborative manner to support a maximum level of functioning;

Demonstrating respect to consumers, colleagues and business associates by actively seeking their input to improve our services;

Treating our colleagues with dignity, integrity and respect;

Serving a diverse population in a culturally sensitive and culturally aware manner; 

Engaging fully in community activities that promote physical, mental and social well-being of the individuals, families and groups in the areas we serve.


Community Mental Healthcare Providers

Comprehensive Mental Health Services, Inc.
Family Guidance Center
Heartland Center for Behavioral Change
North Central Missouri Mental Health Center
Swope Health Services
TMC Behavioral Health
Tri-County Mental Health Services