Consumer Guide to Mental Health


CommCare is committed to helping consumers better understand behavioral healthcare information. We have put together resources to assist you in finding important information for yourself or a family member.

One of the best resources for getting more info on medical conditions is MedlinePlus. This website has a section on Mental Health and Behavior. In this section, you can find more details on many different topics, from Anxiety to Schizophrenia. Just click on the links and explore the articles.

MedlinePlus also has a section on drugs and medications. If you want to find out more on drugs that you or a family member are taking, you can find that info here.

It is very important that you have a list of every drug that you or your loved one is taking. Make sure your healthcare provider is told about all drugs. This includes non-prescription drugs, called “over the counter” (OTC) drugs, that can be bought in drugstore and supermarket aisles. Even vitamins should be mentioned, as they can interact and cause a bad side effect. Find out more about these non-prescription drugs here.

If you want to learn more about a diagnosis or condition, you can search on this page. Go to the alphabet bar and select the first letter of the word, such as D for “depression.” This will take you to an article on that subject.

Another dictionary on mental health topics is published by the National Mental Health Information Center, available here. This is a good resource for information on many health-related topics, not just definitions of words.

If you need to find what type of mental health help is available in your area, click here. This pulls up a map or you can use the drop-down menu to find the state where you or your loved one lives.

A list of mental health resources for Veterans, from the Department of Veteran Affairs is available here.




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Community Mental Healthcare Providers

Comprehensive Mental Health Services, Inc.
Family Guidance Center
Heartland Center for Behavioral Change
North Central Missouri Mental Health Center
Swope Health Services
TMC Behavioral Health
Tri-County Mental Health Services