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We are the region’s mental health and substance use resource, providing immediate support, and connecting the community to a system of providers.


The Children’s Enhancement Program (CEP) is a major initiative of the Missouri Department of Mental Health, and the eight Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs) of the Northwestern region, designed to allow children and youth affected by serious mental, emotional or behavioral disorders stay in their communities. The program is managed by CommCARE.

These CMHCs are administrative agents and while any child service agency can make a referral, the child/youth must become a client of their local CMHC. The CMHC will determine if the client needs immediate referral, or will provide services at their center first.

// How It Works

Program Management

CEP utilizes a team approach to identify needs and services for children and youth who have needs requiring more intense or unique services.


Intensive Staffing Team reviews the referral to determine if eligibility is met


Individual Treatment Team will be developed including family, current providers, natural supports, and schools. This team develops the treatment plan.


Steering Committee provides program guidance and development and approves funding for services identified


All teams are multi-disciplinary to work to address all issues at the same time

// Services

Serving the Children

CEP is not a residential program. Services are provided to serve the child/youth in the home.

Services may include, but are not limited to:


Assessments and evaluations


Specialized therapies


Reduced waitlist


Sub-acute for more intense observation


In-home supports

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Terry Cunningham, MS Licensed Psychologist
Children’s Enhancement Program Director